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Yesterday Rite Aid and Albertsons mutually canceled their proposed merger agreement.
This means there will be no merger vote this week, and for all practical purposes there will be no merger between Rite Aid and Albertsons.
Rite Aid has stated publicly their next board meeting will be in October. What does this mean? Rite Aid negotiations will continue.
Rite Aid canceled next week’s negotiation dates, and our next negotiation session is now set for the week of the 27th of August.
We plan to hold a telephone town hall before those negotiations to update members.
Dates and instructions will be finalized and distributed next week.

The Rite Aid Job Actions for this week are as follows: 3PM to 5PM on Thursday, August 16, 2018, at Rite Aid Store, #6246 located at 41800 Washington St �Bermuda Dunes, Ca. And on Friday, August 17, 2018, at Rite Aid Store #5711 located at 949 Kendall Dr. �San Bernardino, Ca

Rite Aid Update for 8/2/18

Rite Aid management wants to fool you.

That’s why they sent a private anti-union lawyer to negotiations instead of their management. So don’t believe the misleading lawyer lies they keep handing out.
Here are the facts about what their proposed plan would do:
• Cut full-time employees by 25%
• Make it harder to get health care benefits
• Exclude most employees from wage increases (notice their use of the word “eligible” every time they talk about raises – lawyer tricks.)
• Give them the power to change benefits whenever they want
• Take away health care benefits from retiree senior citizens, leaving them with nothing. (notice this is never mentioned in their communications)

Your union talked to Rite Aid’s lawyer negotiator after our vote rejecting this bad offer, and told them we want to meet – but only if they get serious about a real, fair plan. A plan without tricks, cuts, and takeaways. So far, they refused, instead, they choose to lie to you again about their plan.

If we stand together, we’ll win. We will keep you updated about any developments.


UPDATE 7/31/18

Rite Aid Workers Overwhelmingly Vote to Reject the Company’s Offer and Authorize their Union to Strike if Deemed Necessary

• UFCW Local 1167 Members Overwhelmingly Vote “No” to a Draconian Rite Aid Proposal that Imposes Unattainable Wage Increases and Eliminates Health Care Benefits for Retirees
In a decisive display of union power and unity, an overriding majority of Rite Aid employees who are members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Union Local 1167 voted last week to reject management’s contract offer. The corporate proposal makes it almost impossible for employees to attain wage increases, eliminates wage protections for pharmacists, and cruelly strips retirees of health care benefits promised to them in their retirement, cruelly leaving them without coverage in their old age.
The company’s offer includes a so-called wage increase of 75 cents for each worker but applies unattainable conditions which guarantee that virtually no employees will actually get a raise, and those few that do will be forced to pay more than 80% of that raise right back to Rite Aid in the form of health care premiums.
Workers in top rate won’t be able to receive the raise. Instead, their pay will be “frozen”, which means that their wages will remain the same for the entire life of the contract.
If workers receive any minimum wage increase during the calendar year or if they receive an increase based on seniority, the 75-cent raise does not apply to them either. Under these draconian conditions, almost no workers will qualify for a raise. 
The company’s offer also eliminates the current health plan and bans the union from any oversight of workers benefits. It strips healthcare from all current and future retirees. That means seniors who worked their whole careers for Rite Aid will lose health benefits immediately when the contract goes into effect.

“I am a single person who supports myself. I have no other source of income to cover health care benefits and this change would be devastating to me. I worked for Rite Aid for 22 years and I am counting on this benefit during my retirement,” says Dolores Alvarez, a retired clerk.
Denice Gibson, a pharmacy technician for 37 years currently working at a store in Van Nuys, states: “I do not want the company health benefits. I want Union benefits for all employees.”
“This year Rite Aid decided they will only pay pharmacists 25 cents more and new pharmacists a lot less,” said Weikang Peng, a pharmacist with Rite Aid for 17 years. “This is unacceptable to us and we are ready to fight”

Carmen Ulloa is a single mother who has worked for 14 years as a shift supervisor at a Rite Aid in Sherman Oaks. Ulloa points out that the company’s proposal prevents workers from receiving wage increases. “Things such as bills are already a struggle. We are struggling to get by and a raise in healthcare plans would harm hundreds.”
Rite Aid Corporation is one of the nation's leading drugstore chains that operates more than 4,500 stores. In 2017, the company reported annual revenues of $32.8 billion. Rite Aid and it’s shareholders stand to make $24 billion dollars in their pending merger with Albertsons. But their offer to their employees is nothing but a bait and switch for current employees and a cruel and immoral attack on senior citizens.  

UPDATE 7/19/18

Rite Aid has proposed to eliminate many of your current contract protections. We have scheduled vote meetings in order to send a strong message that you deserve, and will accept nothing less, than a fair contract with adequate compensation. Due to the important matters to be decided on, we strongly urge everyone to participate in this vote.
For Voting eligibility Employees must bring the original letter mailed to employees home. Copies will not be accepted.


- EL CENTRO Holiday Inn & Suites 350 Smoketree Dr Meeting Room
- BLYTHE Hampton Inn & Suites 2011 E Donlon St Meeting Room
- NEEDLES Elks Lodge #1608 1000 Lillyhill Dr

FRIDAY, JULY 27, 2018

- BLOOMINGTON UFCW Local 1167 855 W San Bernardino Ave Auditorium
- PALM DESERT Courtyard Marriott 74895 Frank Sinatra Dr Desert Mallow Room
- VICTORVILLE Hilton Garden Inn 12603 Mariposa Rd Mirage Room
- LAKE ELSINORE Holiday Inn & Suites 31573 Canyon Estates Dr Meeting Room

Update for 7/13/18

The Rite Aid corporation’s contract offer did not substantially change.
It is still bad for members:
• Insulting wage proposal.
• Eliminates full-time positions.
• Eliminates health care for up to 70% of employees.

The company management refuses to be fair with you and your contract.
Despite pursuing a hugely profitable $24 billion merger with mega-grocery giant Albertson’s, Rite Aid is still trying to take away fair pay, health care benefits, and hours. Further negotiations are scheduled for later next week. Your union is exploring methods to force management to the table with a fair agreement.

Stay tuned for notices about meetings, new updates, and an opportunity to make your voice heard in this fight.
Below is a list of dates and times of actions at the stores and opportunities to make your voice heard.
Stay united. Stay strong.

Monday, July 16, 2018 3pm-6pm

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 3pm-6pm

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 3pm-6pm

Bookmark this page for future updates.

Stay united. Stay strong



Update 6/8/18
Rite aid has given their most recent economic and language proposal which will devastate our current contract. Get ready to fight back.
•            Rite Aid has proposed what amounts to a wage freeze for most members
•            Company health plan- worse healthcare that is more expensive
•            Reduce the amount of full time positions in the store
•            Only $.25 wage increase for pharmacists
•            Fewer protections against layoffs

Talk to your Union Rep to get involved.  

For more information and future updates, call your union rep or check our website

Update 6/4/18

We have held 3 meetings with Rite Aid management about your next contract.

  • Your unity will determine our success at the bargaining table
  • Health care, full-time status and job security are the main issues

Management wants to take away your union health care plan and put you into a plan they control instead. This plan would require you to work 30 hours a week to simply qualify for benefits.

Management wants to take away more of your hours, and cut full-time employees by 25%.

These demands are unacceptable.  How do we respond? STAND TOGETHER!

Under no circumstances will we allow the company to take away your health care plan. Management makes this proposal all the time, and we stop them. If we stick together we can defeat this again.

We are trying to increase wages, protect health care, increase your scheduling notice, and ensure more flexibility for part-timers. These are our goals, and if we stand united, we can achieve them.

For more information and future updates, call your union rep or check our website