1167 Scholarship Info

UFCW Local 1167’s Scholarship Awards competition

UFCW Local 1167 is proud to announce the launch of its scholarship program for the academic school year 2022-2023. Scholarships will be awarded to winners chosen from among qualified applicants. Food contract members and Stater Bros. Meat Distribution
Center members with more than a year of service as of the prior October as defined by the Trust Fund are not eligible for this program because they may participate in the million-dollar Scholarship Award and Tuition Assistance Programs offered by the Southern California United Food and Commercial Workers Unions and Food Employers Ancillary Benefit Fund (Benefit Fund Scholarships).
Dependent children are eligible for the above Trust Fund Scholarship program if the member has completed at least three years of service (as defined by the plan) as of the prior October and are not eligible for this program. Visit www.scufcwfunds.com for complete eligibility rules on the Trust Fund Scholarship Program.

Rules and eligibility requirements:
  1. Applicants must establish basic eligibility by applying for a scholarship award and completing the “Request to participate in UFCW Local 1167 College (university or junior college) Scholarship Awards Competition” application published in this newspaper at the right of this announcement or online. The application must be returned to UFCW Local 1167 no later than Thursday, June 30, 2022.
  2. Those eligible to compete are current active members of the local not eligible to apply in the above-described Benefit Fund Scholarship Program, their spouses and their dependent children. Dependent grandchildren of dues-paying retirees are eligible. Sisters, brothers and non-dependent grandchildren are not eligible.
  3. Applicants must be at least seniors in high school.
  4. Applicants are not eligible if they previously received UFCW Local 1167 Scholarship Award monies.
  5. To be eligible, the member must be in continuous good standing for at least one year through June 30, 2022. The member whose eligibility is used cannot be suspended, take a withdrawal or transfer to another local. Failure to comply with these eligibility rules disqualifies the applicant.
  6. Winners are selected by the Scholarship Committee based on: • Academic record
    • Leadership record
    • Community service and volunteer activities
    • Character and personality
    • Personal achievement
  7. Awards will be made to undergraduate or graduate applicants at the sole discretion of the local’s Scholarship Committee.
  8. Finalists selected by the Scholarship Committee must provide proof of academic record and submit completed forms (blank forms to be provided by the union) listing leadership activities, community service and volunteer activities and personal achievements, substantiated by two teachers, and two personal recommendations.
  9. Finalists may be required to participate in a personal interview.
  10. Awards are contingent upon the student being accepted by, registered at and attending an accredited academic institution of higher learning. Trade schools are not included.
  11. Winners must be full-time students taking at least 12 undergraduate or nine graduate units, or part-time working students taking six under-graduate or four graduate units.
  12. Decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final.

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